What is the cincinnati professional network?

About Us

We are a group of business owners and representatives based in Cincinnati that are committed to providing and referring quality products and services to consumers and professionals. Businesses in Cincinnati Professional Network service customers throughout the Cincinnati tri-state area with a focus on the Cincinnati area.

Each business in the group has proven a high level of service in their category that allows each member to endorse their professionalism and quality of work. If you have worked with one of our vendors you know you can rely on all of the others.

The Cincinnati Professional Network is always interested in adding new high quality businesses to our group. We allow only one business to represent each category. If you are interested in joining the Cincinnati Professional Network and would like to attend a meeting please contact Steve Loechtenfeldt at 615-5484, or Laura Nadaud at 646-9030.

Business members of the Cincinnati Professional Network accept no financial compensation or other benefits for referrals.