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Computer Service & Repair

Midwest PROTECH, LLC was jointly founded in 2007 by Rod Johnson & Matthew Buechler in the lower level of Matt's home. Since our inception we've provided a full array of computer and networking services to small businesses and residential customers all over the Greater Cincinnati Area. 

We discovered early on that many of our clients have no idea who to trust or turn to when dealing with computer issues. As with taking the car to the mechanic, most computer users don't know if a computer technician is being honest or not when recommending an expensive "necessary" service. We have heard plenty of stories of how "messed up" someone's computer was, only to find the solution was a very simple and inexpensive fix. Unfortunately, basic issues can turn out to be very expensive when improperly diagnosed.   

On November 3rd, 2014 we moved into our new building on Bridgetown Road, just 2 minutes from where Midwest PROTECH, LLC was born. We've been able to handle a greater workload and improve our turn around time in many cases as a result.